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ZTE Quartz Image leaks, first smartwatch based on Android Wear

Tomorrow is the big day, as Google will finally launch Android Wear 2.0, alongside two new smartwatches, LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, the first wearable to run the new operating system. However, they will be followed by several new models, like the ZTE Quartz, for example!

According to a leak, the Chinese manufacturer is currently working at its first smartwatch based on Android Wear, which, at a first look, has a very interesting design!

The smartwatch is expected to have the model number ZW10, but other details about the specs or anything else aren’t available yet, meaning that it could still be in development, so we shouldn’t think about a release in the near future. This or ZTE is pretty good at keeping secrets, unlike other top notch manufacturers…

However, there are some sources claiming that it will feature Wi-Fi, as well as 3G connectivity, allowing data access when it’s not paired to your smartphone. Also, users will be able to take calls directly from their wrist, which is a big plus!

Considering the prices for ZTE’s smartwatches, we’re looking forward to seeing an affordable smartwatch, retailing for around $150 or less.

Even though we have an actual image with the smartwatch itself, there’s no guarantee that this is the real deal. Also, don’t expect to hear anything about the ZTE Quartz at MWC 2017, in Barcelona. Still, we’re convinced that more and more details about this smartwatch will be available in the near future!

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