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Sony Xperia F8331 to be named Xperia XR, May Be Release At IFA 2016

Sony’s Xperia line has recently became available in the US and after launching the Xperia XA, rumor has it that the giant might be close to launching a new phone model in the series. Of course, it’s just a rumor and nothing is certain until Sony actually makes an official statement about it, but this rumor is also backed up by leaked photos of an Xperia F8331. The device is also speculated to end up being named Xperia XR.

The device in the leaked images is very different from the other Sony phone models. The display seems to be covered by a glass that is curved to the sides. Rumor has it that the phone will sport a 1080 px display. The speakers can also be seen on the front but it’s not clear if they are stereo speakers or not, like the rumors say.

The front camera is believed to be able to film at 4k resolution.

The back of the device features a LED flash and a camera which is also presumed to be able to record at 4k resolution. It has a separate partition at the bottom but it’s not clear what that does. Some tech bloggers have suggested that it’s like that because the device will have a full metal casing and the lower partition is meant for antenna bands.

The bottom also has an USB Type-C (the first one we’ve seen so far on Sony devices) and the top features a 3.5 mm audio jack.

On the side, we have the power button which may or may not sport a fingerprint scanner. It’s presumed to have one but it’s not clear from the images.

So far, there is no info on the price of the upcoming device but it will presumably be launched at IFA 2016 in September and most likely, we’ll get more news about it then.

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