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Xiaomi’s Second Gen Mi Notebook 2 Details Leaked Online

Back in 2016, Xiaomi announced their first laptop, the Mi Notebook Air, managing to get a lot of positive feedback from the tech community. Eventually, the manufacturer updated the laptop, adding 4G LTE to it (it was just a China exclusive, though), but now they’re reported to be working on a completely new, second generation!

Going by the name of Mi Notebook 2, the laptop is expected to enter production this April and it should feature the same thin build as its predecessor, according to reports coming from Taiwan. The body could be made using a higher lithium-magnesium alloy, which means that the weight will be brought down to just a quarter of the same device, if it would’ve been made of an aluminum alloy.

Besides the design changes, the laptop is going to be made in a more cost effective manner than its predecessor. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheaper than the original Mi Notebook Air! On the contrary, we’re expecting a slight price increase.

For the moment, there aren’t any details about the specs, but it should be a pretty powerful device, since its predecessor also had a more than decent configuration.

Speaking about the original Mi Notebook, it was sold in over 110,000 units, just in the third quarter of 2016, representing almost 2% of the market share. Xiaomi is expecting even bigger numbers for 2017, with the market share reaching 4%.

We will be back on this topic, as soon as any new details about the Mi Notebook 2 will be available!

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