Xiaomi VR Leaked Image Surfaces Before Releasing

We’ve seen Samsung and HTC making their way onto the virtual reality market and now it’s time for another smartphone manufacturing giant to get in on it – Xiaomi. And it may happen very soon.

Up until recently it was presumed that Xiaomi would unveil a low priced VR headset on the 1st of August that would have been specifically designed to support its smartphones. This unveiling did not take place, but there are still some leaked pictures online that showcase the respective VR headset and it’s believed that it shouldn’t be long until it’s launched.

The Xiaomi headset is also presumed to be priced at $99 which is very reasonable given that Samsung’s Gear VR is also sold a similar price (or used to be, it’s sold at a heavily discounted price now).

Again, much like the Samsung Gear VR, this supposed Xiaomi headset will function only when combined with a smartphone and it’s also presumed to support the Google VR platform called Daydream.

The Daydream platform runs Android 7.0 Nougat so we also have to assume, based on these rumors about the Xiaomi VR headset, that its upcoming smartphone devices will run on Android Nougat or will upgrade to the OS very soon after it’s officially released.

The Android 7.0 Nougat is currently in a preview stage, where developers are testing it for bugs and problems. They are also trying it out in order to develop various apps for the OS or just to modify the existing ones so they could be supported by it. The final build version is scheduled for release in August or in September so we will be seeing it in no time.

The latest rumors on the Xiaomi headset subject say that it will be released tomorrow but you shouldn’t count on that because there is no official statement from Xiaomi so far on this issue.

However, given how many tech companies, whether small or big, have already released their own headsets that support various types of phones, it makes perfect sense that Xiaomi should make their own before people start using lesser brand VR headsets for Xiaomi devices.

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