Xiaomi VR Headset Release Date on August 1

It hasn’t been long since the Mi Notebook Air and the recent Redmi Pro smartphone have been released, and yet Xiaomi is running test for the next big launch. On the Weibo account of the company we could see that they uploaded some posters about their first VR headset that should be released on the first of August. The posters only confirm what Tang Mu, the general manager at Xiaomi, previously announced, which is the work in progress for a VR headset.

Sadly, but understandably, there are not so many details available about the upcoming device. As it seems, Xiaomi will offer lots of resources in the video field that will guarantee the users a great VR experience. According to Mu’s declarations, the VR headset released by Xiaomi will also be compatible with another VR platform, Google Daydream. In fact, he said that the Daydream platform actually inspired them to create another VR set. Another reason that determined them to create a device for this type of reality is the fact that currently there are no VR sets with a MIUI optimization.

However, Xiaomi isn’t the first company that launches such VR devices. They follow into the steps of Samsung, Coolpad, Huawei and Lenovo, company that already pair their smartphones with VR sets, for a more comprehensive experience for their users. However, it remains to be seen at what prices Xiaomi will launch the set and if they are planning to make it available for other countries outside China. This would be a significant move on the global market and it would definitely affect other companies’ sales and it will presumably make the prices go down.

As it seems, everybody is excited to see what great device Xiaomi will release and how is it different from the others options out there.

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