Xiaomi to reveal its new fitness gear Mi Band 2

You might not see many people with Mi Band tied on their wrists but that does not mean that it is not popular among people. This sweet device has helped Xiaomi to become the second biggest manufacturer for wearable fitness device in the world. And Xiaomi is definitely looking forward to make business in the fitness market with the new Mi Band 2.

Unlike the first Mi Band this newer version is going to, have a 0.42 inch OLED display. Like its sibling, this band is packed with sensors to monitor your heart rate, how many calories you burn, your step count and how well you sleep. This band is also made waterproof to protect it from any water damage. Therefore, it is a definite go for swimmers. The display on the top of the band will notify you about your step count, your heart rate, and other information.

Providing a display to show health information is a nice feature to have but it will definitely reduce the battery life. When the current Mi Band supports a battery life of around 30 days this will be reduced to about 20 days in this new version. And this device is set to launch on 7th July. And it Xiaomi has made this fitness gear available in black, green, blue and orange colors which will cost you around 23 USD.


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