Xiaomi Releases MIUI 8.2 Update With Several Exclusive Features

While every Xiaomi user was waiting for the MIUI 9 update, surprisingly the company has released a new MIUI 8.2 update for some of their devices. Proudly, the Xiaomi has announced that today is the right time to give-out an upgrade to the MIUI 8, and eventually the stable ROM of the MIUI 8.2 is pushed to the Xiaomi smartphones.

The upgrade brings a newfangled intelligent desktop assistance out of a large data analysis in order to provide their users, with more comprehending services. Not only that, it also adopts some exclusive features such as new sound system, new ringtones, and automatic task management, etc. On the other hand, it has a change of the notification bar, which is available in the new version’s interface.

Don’t just get satisfied with this, because apart from this it has some more special features in further; for instance the new Smart Desktop Assistance, enables the users to setup the certain features quickly, such as e-book reading progress, traffic usages, etc.

Apart from the Smart desktop Assistance, the MIUI 8.2 comes with a new security center, to render more phases in the security grounds. Another drop of characteristic from the waterfall is, it sports considerable revamps on the notification bar design, lock screens, screenshots, sound effects, camera focus, charging, etc.

According to the reports, the MIUI 8.2 will be hard-pressed immediately using an OTA online upgrade and a MIUI upgrading Forum is also provided as an option. Nearly 24 Xiaomi phones is expected to get this upgrade firstly, which has now set a record that this is the largest single OTA upgrade in the Xiaomi’s history.

The first batch of phones that are eligible to get this update includes Xiaomi 4i, Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi4, Mi 3 Unicom version, Xiaomi Mi Note, and Redmi Note 4G; while a few more models will also obtain the update subsequently in the near future. Over 2 million users, i.e. 60% of the Xiaomi smartphone owners have already upgraded to the MIUI 8 and now these features are more than enough to invite significantly more members to this.

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