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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Official Teaser Image, Prices and Specs

After weeks of speculation and leaks, Xiaomi finally released two tease images of the upcoming Redmi Pro smartphone. We can also see Lei Jun – the CEO of Xiaomi in the pictures who is, in fact, holding the Redmi Pro.

Unfortunately, we can only see the back of the device and only half of it because the CEO of Xiaomi is holding it in his hand. However, it does seem to confirm everything that we’ve seen in the leaked photos so far such as the rear dual-camera and the metal casing.

Apart from these teaser pictures, Xiaomi also stated that the upcoming Redmi Pro smartphone will be powered by a Helio X25 chipset from MediaTek with a 2.5 GHz deca-core CPU.

Other rumored specs refer to the Redmi Pro sporting a full HD 5.5 inch display and 4 GB of RAM. It was also rumored to have a 13MP dual camera on the back and that is actually confirmed by the pictures. Another thing that appears to be confirmed by the pictures is the full metal body design.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Teaser Image, Prices and Specs 2

Although we can’t see the front of the phone in order to confirm this, the device is also rumored to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box.

The official release date for the device is today, July 27, and the prices for the Redmi Pro smartphone line is supposed to start at $195 with the top one priced at $210. For more information on the development of the Redmi Pro, you should check out the Xiaomi site or twitter posts.

Xiaomi Inc. is a Chinese electronics company and it’s known as the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world owning approximately 5% of the global market for smartphones in 2015. The most famous smartphone models it has made are the Mi and the Redmi series.

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