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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Confirmed To Launch on 27th July

Xiaomi is really tight lipped about what they have up their sleeve to be revealed at an event to be held on July 27th. Though Xiaomi have called it a press conference, an interesting fact is that the company has been selling tickets for the event for anyone who wishes to attend. The ticket for the event has been priced at $30 . Goes to show that Xiaomi though calling it a press conference in reality is using the event to gather its fan followers as well as showcase the support base they enjoy.

With such a huge preparation underway and yet not a word through the official channels, the grapevine has been doing their bit to build speculations on what can be expected at the event. Some new devices from Xiaomi are sure to be unveiled and one of them could be the much rumored Redmi Pro set. This is one device that has been talked about at length and even mentioned in passing remarks by Xiaomi inWeibo. Weibo for those who may not be aware is the Twitter equivalent in China. Xiaomi have however not revealed any details of the device. There has been talk about the Redmi Note 4 only being re-launched under a new name. There is the other section who speculates the set to be a brand new configuration.

In case of the Pro turning into reality the speculated specification is expected to have a Helio X20MT9796M chipset at its core. There is probability of one other variant of the same base set having anX25 MT6796T processor from MediaTek also being unveiled. The first set would have a 3 GB RAM while the second variant would have 4 GB RAM.

As with the specification, there is no news on the pricing aspect of the set also. Once again speculations have been pointing at both sides of the coin. While one group reason Naomi to be coming up with a set that would be in the range of $600, the other group reason out Naomi always catering for the budget Smartphone market section would not price their set so high.

It therefore remains to be seen in another fortnight the exact items that Naomi have up their sleeve.

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