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Xiaomi Mi VR Headset Released With Two-Way Zipper Design

Xiaomi continues its diversification of products, so that after air conditioners, TVs and newer laptops achieves a new VR headset. It should have been live on August 1, but its debut was moved on August 4.

Meanwhile we can take a look at its photos which appears to carry a standard design for a VR headset. It will work in tandem with a smartphone, Gear VR style and different from PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, who need a PC or console to put virtual reality in motion.

In addition, this device would bear the Google Daydream platform, which will debut with Android 7.0 Nougat thereafter. The price would be of 99 dollars, which does not sound so bad. The fact is that Xiaomi has already teasers about the product and ensured that we will see a lot of content and games prepared for this headset. Youku, QIY and Xiaomi’s partners provides for this device further 360degree content and alongside improvements if there needs to be some. 3D Movies and 2D games presents a great opportunity to start following up your dreams with content published by CondeNast.

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The newest headset has a two-way zipper design for a simple usage of the smartphone, ensuring that it would not fall out of the device.

Talking about its specs, comes with 208.7grams, measures 201 mm in length, 91 mm in depth and 107 mm in height and works with phones between 4.7 and 5.7 inch. Supporting both Android and iOS devices, Xiaomi make sure its VR headset will come up to become viral worldwide.

As it is only launched in China, we will be expecting Xiaomi Mi VR to be available all around the world in a few months. Keep close for further details about its exact price and availability.


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