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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 shown in three new colors, Green, Pink and Purple

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is apparently following Samsung steps, as they just announced that one of their smartphones, that’s been available for a few months, can now be purchased in a few new colors.

We’re talking about its high-end Mi Note 2 phablet, which was, until now, available in Black, Gold and Silver. However, during CES 2017, Xiaomi announced that at some point in 2017, potential buyers will be able to get it in Green, Pink and Purple.

Of course, we wouldn’t get too excited about this, since the new colors will most likely be China exclusives, at least at first. If these brightly colored versions will turn out to be successful, Xiaomi might consider launching them in more markets.

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We must admit that we were pleasantly surprised about the new colors picked for the Mi Note 2. If Pink is already common, as a lot of manufacturers having such phones in their portfolio, Purple and Green are something you don’t see that often and can definitely help you stand out a bit!

If you ask us, Xiaomi is experimenting with these new colors and it will be very interesting to find out how the market will react to such unusual colors for a smartphone. On the other side, if these choices will be well received, we don’t see why they continue doing it and release other models in such colors.

As for the specs of these Pink, Purple and Green variants of the Mi Note 2, they remain unchanged. We’re very curious about the price, though!


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