Xiaomi Launches Mi AI 360-degree Speaker with Smart Voice Assistant

Xiaomi Launches Mi AI 360-degree Speaker with Smart Voice Assistant

At the event in Beijing, China, Xiaomi has announced many new things for the customer and one among many is, Mi AI 360-degree Speaker, with smart voice assistant. Now, here the smart voice assistant is like Google Assistant, which can assist you in your problems. This Mi AI 360-degree speaker has 360-degree audio experience, thanks to six omnidirectional microphone array, which minimizes the external noise.

White Mi AI

The company says, regarding this speaker, that it can help the users by performing tasks over listening voice commands such as playing music, reading some books/article, reciting poems or anything. The company also promises a better sound quality and accurate voice control. This device can also be used to voice control the smart devices such as air conditioner, alarms, cameras etc.

Mi AI Speaker

As far as design is concerned, the device comes in white color and has a thin ring on the top, which emits light during sound play, along with Mi branding at the centre-top. Coming to the specifications, the device has a 2.25″ speaker with a passive subwoofer and 6 microphones that aim to cancel external noise in order to provide the best experience.

For a powerful performance, the device gets a 64-bit Cortex A53 quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz coupled with 256 MB of RAM and 256MB of flash memory. Additionally, the device also supports Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth Connectivity, DLNA. As per as current saying, the device would only be available in China and that too after August 1st. Now, the device is priced at 299 yuan, which is somehow around Rs 2,800.


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