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Xiaomi Mi 6 Specs Detail Leaked, Next Big Thing To Hit China Market

More leaks are beginning to surface ahead of the projected launch of China’s Apple device, the Mi 6 which is undoubtedly the next big thing to hit China’s tech market. Xiamoi’s latest device which is expected to be launched sometimes in February is according to online source expected to come in two variants, one with a flat display and the other sporting a curved screen display.

The Xiamoi’s Mi 6 will according to latest rumors both be equipped with the Snapdragon 835 flagship processor coupled with a 4GB RAM for the flat screen variant and 6GB of RAM for the curved screen version. Both device will however lack rear dual-lens cameras.

Recent leaks have also suggested the possible pricing for the next big thing to hit China market as the Xiaomi Mi 6, flat screen, 4GB variant is expected to hit the market at 1999 yuan while the 6GB variant sporting the curved screen is expected to be available for 2,499 yuan.

Other specs expected of the flagship device includes the fingerprint sensor, a likely 4000 mAh built-in battery with support for Qualms Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging technology. The device is expected to be available in the black, white and blue color variants.

Ahead of mass production, a source within the industry has hinted that trial production of the device is expected to begin this month adding that the fingerprint sensor which will be mounted on the device will not be an ultrasonic one. It is expected that both variants of the device will come sporting the latest LPDDR4x memory chip.

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