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Xiaomi Mi 6 First Image Spotted Online

Even though the Mi 5s was introduced just a few days ago, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi managed once again to create some online buzz, after a first set of images with the Xiaomi Mi 6 were spotted online!

The unconfirmed handset can be observed from the front and back, and, if you ask us, it looks a lot like a potential flagship, but on the other side, it’s a bit too early to talk about this.

Xiaomi Mi 6

On the front of the device, we can see a physical home button, which will most likely house a fingerprint scanner, a feature that is now considered a must for high-end handsets, as well as some mid-rangers.

Moving on to the back of the Xiaomi Mi 6, we can observe a dual-tone design, somehow reminding us of Apple’s iPhone 5s. Unlike other times, the camera setup isn’t fancy at all, the manufacturer relying on simplicity and maintaining a clean look. In some way or another, it looks a lot like Google Pixel’s camera setup, with a small sensor, alongside an LED flash.

Currently, there aren’t any details regarding the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 6, but considering how fast rumours about upcoming smartphones spread, it shouldn’t be long until a benchmark or something similar will make the rounds online, helping us to make an idea about what this phone will be able to do .

Also, since this is one of the first images with the Mi 6, it might as well be an early prototype, so the final design could be a bit different. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time when something like this happens.

Finally, we believe that we need to wait for a few more months until a final image with the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be revealed and make its debut on the market.

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