Xiaomi Mi 6 Clearest and Live images Spotted online
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Xiaomi Mi 6 Clearest and Live images Spotted online

The Xiaomi Mi 6 was supposed to make its debut until now, but the Chinese manufacturer is still making us wait a bit, until around mid-April, when they have a special event scheduled. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t know a lot about the flagship already!

Mi 6

Until now, we’ve seen a couple of renders with the handset, showing off the dual camera setup, as well as a few blurred images, but we finally got the chance to take a good look at the Xiaomi Mi 6‘s back, thanks to the clearest images that made the rounds online.

Not surprisingly, it borrows the same design line seen on other Xiaomi Mi branded phones, featuring a curved back and the camera setup we were talking about. Also, at a second thought, it resembles a bit the Xiaomi Mi Note, announced a few years ago.

And this is not it, since one more image if the Mi 6, with the same clarity, was spotted online as well, but is a bit confusing. If the image mentioned above shows the phone with the flash mounted on the left side of the cameras, this one has it on the right. So, which one is the real deal? Hard to tell…

Moving on, we also have a snapshot with the front-facing panel, which has a special cut on the top, for what could be an iris scanner. This would make sense, considering that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will feature one as well. However, since it’s not an official image, we can’t take it for granted.

And finally, another image shows the about section of the Xiaomi Mi 6, confirming that it comes with MIUI 8 and a whooping 8GB of RAM, alongside 64 gigs of storage. It also shows no iris scanner on top of the phone, unlike the previous, so again, we really don’t know what to believe.


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