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Xiaomi Mi 5c photographs reveal premium design and Snapdragon 625 chip!

It’s been a while since Xiaomi released the upgraded variant of its flagship, the Mi 5s, so it was about time to see the first images with the cheaper variant, known as Mi 5c.

Even though it’s still not official, the handset received the 3C certification from China, revealing pretty much all the details about it, not to mention that a couple of live images made the round online today, revealing all aspects, in terms of design!

It seems that the Xiaomi Mi 5c will come with a metal back, just like the high-end version, but the brushed finish was ditched. Still, this doesn’t mean that this phone isn’t incredibly good looking!

Spec-wise, it’s powered by a Snapdragon 625, built using the 14nm manufacturing process, alongside 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The camera on the back is relying on a 12 MP sensor, while the selfie unit has 8 MP, so we’re expecting some pretty solid images from this smartphone.

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The battery capacity is still unknown, but if Xiaomi keeps the same battery as on the Mi 5s, with a capacity of 3200 mAh, it should more than just enough! As for the operating system, we know that it’s MIUI 8, but the base Android version is unclear.

The Xiaomi Mi 5c should make its debut before the upcoming flagship, Mi 6, which is expected to happen in Marsh or April. Finally, the price is also a mystery, but, if you ask us, it could be pretty similar to the Mi 5’s price tag, of €250.

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