VNTANA and Satisfi Labs Come Together to Create Holographic Intelligent Concierge

In past few years, the advancement in augmented reality and artificial intelligence have increased a lot and now an American company, VNTANA & Satisfi Labs have come together to build a holographic intelligent concierge. In simple words, we can understand it as a holographic display which can also talk and answer to us like Google’s assistant.

Now, the best part of this holographic intelligent concierge is, it doesn’t require any mobile device or headphone to start the conversation, instead, it activates itself once someone stands in front of it. The concierge starts the conversation by greeting the visitors (who are standing in front it) with a customized message. After that, the visitors can start asking questions which will be answered by the holographic concierge.

Visitors can ask anything and the concierge will respond to it within seconds after analyzing the thousands of options that are already integrated with the system. In the sample video, the lady visitor says “I am hungry”, on which the system analyzes its database and throws the best possible result, which is a nearby Italian restaurant.

VNTANA Hologram Experiences at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 from VNTANA on Vimeo.

It has also been said the system is capable of recognizing facial expressions that will be ultimately used to track behavior and record the conversation in order to learn preferences. Additionally, it has also been said that the VNTANA and Satisfi Labs are also working on sentiment analysis, which will do nothing but inform the staff whenever a displeased customer gets encounter.

Holographic Intelligent Concierge
Holographic Intelligent Concierge

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