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Verizon Exclusive Moto Z Droid, Z Force Droid And Moto Mods Now Up For Pre-order

The latest Moto range has reached the US as per schedule and is already up for pre-order from Verizon. Both the devices, Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid together with the Moto Mods are Verizon exclusives and will be reaching the carrier’s stores from July 28 itself.

The smaller Moto Z can be picked up for a monthly installment of $26 while the unlocked version of the same will set one back $624. Similarly, owning the Moto Z Force DROID will require paying $30 every month or a onetime payment of $720 for the SIM free version. Both the prices mentioned above apply to the 32 GB version of the handsets.

Also, it is only the SIM locked versions that are on sale at the moment while the SIM free version are slated to arrive only around September.

However, that’s just a part of the story so far as Motorola has also come up with the Moto Mods that can makes owning the above devices all the more exciting.

Among these include the Incipio off GRID Power Pack for added battery life and starts at $59.99. Then there is also the JBL Sound Boost Speaker for enhanced sound output which should appeal to the music buffs but will require paying an extra $79.99.

Clearly, the most exciting and also the costliest of the ‘Moto Mod’ range is the Moto Insta-Share Projector which will transform the mobile into a small projector. However, while that makes it great for making presentations and such, it requires shelling out at least $299.99 or more depending on the desired configuration.

Then there are the Moto Style Shell as well that start at $19.99 and can be an affordable way to introduce some individuality to the devices.

Motorola is also offering a few discounts on its Moto Mod attachments. For instance, as per the official DROID site, there is a 40 percent discount to be availed of on the second Moto Mod though it applied to the cheapest version and need to be of different model.

Deliveries are slated to begin July 28.

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