How To Unlock LG K10 Bootloader (K420DS / K420N)
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How To Unlock LG K10 Bootloader (K420DS / K420N)

If you own an LG K10 and want to take full advantage of it, there’s no doubt that you need to unlock its bootloader. If this feature wasn’t available until now, we have a good news: you can now unlock the bootloader of LG K10, if you follow a few easy steps.

This comes in handy for anybody who wants to flash a custom ROM, root the phone or even install a custom recovery. However, users should know that unlocking the bootloader of the LG K10 will automatically void its warranty, so you should do this at your own risk.


Before you go with the bootloader unlocking process, please read below instructions properly to avoid any issues.


  • The method just for the LG K10 ( K420DS or K420N ). Please don’t try on other phones or other variants.
  • Again, unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty and you won’t be able to claim it back.
  • Before you start, take a full backup of your phone, because this process may erase your phone’s data.
  • You must charged your phone’s battery at least 50-60% to complete whole process.
  • Follow every instructions carefully without skipping any step.


Unlock Bootloader of LG K10


Step 1: Download the ROM – Download, and save it on your phone.

Step 2: Using LG UP software – Download, flash the ROM you just downloaded.

Step 3: Root your phone, using KingORoot.

Step 4: Download the latest patched aboot file – Download.

Step 5: Connect your LG K10 to a PC and open a command prompt, then type adb shell. 

Step 6: Transfer the aboot file into the /sdcard/folder from your phone.

Step 7: Type su, in order to enter the root shell.

Step 8: Type dd if=/sdcard/aboot_patched.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p7 and wait for the process to be completed.

Step 9: And Finally Reboot your LG K10.

And this is pretty much it! You have successfully managed to unlock the bootloader of LG K10!

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