Top Unlimited Data Plans In The US : Sprint, Boostmobile, T-Mobile And Metropcs

If Majority of your cell phone usage includes watching videos, streaming music, or as Wi-Fi hotspot, than it is time to switch to an unlimited data plan.

You may have noticed that a half an hour of video streaming eats up to 5 GB data per month. Jam on Spotify for an hour a day and you will lose about 2 GB to 4 GB data every month. And if you use your mobile data on other devices like laptops and tablet through hotspot than you are looking to dozens of GB of extra data usage in your monthly billing cycle.

If you are hitting a double digit than an unlimited data plan is a batter decision. But while choosing an unlimited data plan you have to keep in mind that every data plan has certain restrictions. Majority of them allocates you high-speed bandwidth till a threshold around 23 GB. After you cross the threshold you might have lower bandwidth till your next cycle starts. It means that your connection might be “deprioritized”. Therefore even if you buy an unlimited data plan you should still use Wi-Fi when available to conserve your data.

Best unlimited data plan:



Sprint offers great value for money data plans for heavy data users. It is cheaper than buying couple gigabytes from other carrier and its even cheaper than Sprint’s own 12 GB data plan. Other mobile carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile also offers nice plans for unlimited data usage but they are going to cost you around $20 more when compared to Sprint. Where Version does not offer any unlimited data plans.

Even though Sprint is not the best deal in this particular mobile data segment but Boost Mobile is. Boost Mobile uses Sprint’s network and offers batter deals. But Sprint has an advantage of installment payment options while Boost Mobile does not has that convenience.

  • Plan name: Sprint Unlimited Talk, Data and Texts.
  • Monthly price: $75.
  • Plan at a glance: High-speed data and texts, plus 3 GB mobile hot spot, Unlimited minutes
  • Why we like it: It’s cheaper than what T-Mobile and AT&T offers

Things to know:

  • You can have additional lines for $60 a month in your data plan.
  • You will be charged $30 per line as an activation charge.
  • Hot spot usage is limited to 3 GB a month and if you want to extend that limit than you have to pay extra $15 for another GB of data. Therefore, you cannot be able to use too much of hot spot data on this carrier. And hot spot data is what you need than you might want to consider another plans.

Other Plans at this price point:

  • Verizon Wireless: 6GB for $80.
  • AT&T: 5GB for $75.
  • T-Mobile: 10GB for $80.


Some of the carriers are said to be dependent on other company’s network yet they offer batter deals than them and Boost Mobile is one of them. Therefore if you are looking to save some extra money than you should try Boost’s unlimited data plans which costs $15 less than what Sprint has to offer. The unlimited plan from Boost Mobile costs $60 per month and if you keep it on auto re-activation than you will have $5 discount every month that means that plan will cost you only $55.

Boost Mobile offers unlimited 4G LTE data along with unlimited calls and texts. And unlike Sprint, Boost offers 8 GB of hotspot data and it also offers unlimited music streaming with their selected partners. And just like Sprint, Boost also has a threshold of 23 GB data usage, therefore your allocated bandwidth will be reduced as you cross that threshold.

  • Plan name: Boost Mobile Unlimited.
  • Monthly price: $60 and $55 if auto re-activated.
  • Plan at a glance: High-speed data and texts, unlimited minutes, plus 8 GB mobile hot spot.
  • Why we like it: A $5 monthly discount for automatic payments and an unlimited plan with no commitments.

Things to know:

  • A customer service agent of Boost mobile will assess payments you make in stores or with your phone with $3 convenience fee. You will have to pay full price of the purchased phone but if your phone is through Sprint than you will be able to activate it with Boost service.


This is so far the best unlimited data plan with very generous data usage policy in our list. MetroPCS has set the bandwidth threshold on 25 GB which is 3 GB more than other data carriers. And your connection will only slowed down in case of very high network demand.

For the unlimited data plan MetroPCS charges $60 and if you select a family plan than you will have additional $5 discount on this plan. This plan offers unlimited high speed data with 25 GB threshold as well as unlimited calls and texts. In addition the plan also offers unlimited music streaming on selected applications they are partnered with and hot spot data is limited to 8 GB.

The cheapest plan MetroPCS offers is of $30 with the benefits like unlimited calling, data and texts. And basically all the MetroPCS plans are unlimited but once you cross the said threshold your speed will be reduced.

  • Plan name: MetroPCS Unlimited.
  • Monthly price: $60.
  • Plan at a glance: High-speed data and texts, unlimited minutes, plus 14 GB mobile hot spot
  • Why we like it: It has a generous amount of hot spot data and
    it is one of the cheapest unlimited plans available.

Things to know:

  • If you are using a family plan you can save $5 per line up to 5 lines with MetroPCS. But, on the other hand you have to pay extra $2 to $3.50 as service charges for each payment you make with the phone in Western Union or in some store.
  • You will also have to pay retail price of the purchased phone and smartphones from MetroPCS ranges from $29 to $650. But, it’s not necessary to buy a phone, if you already have a compatible than you can activate it with this carrier.
  • You have to keep in mind that MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network therefore, if demand gets high then T-Mobile users are going to have the priority and you might face reduction in data speed.


  • Cricket Wireless: Unlimited for $70.
  • Sprint: Unlimited for $75.
  • Verizon: 3GB for $65.




With unorthodox practice this Uncarrier has made its name in the market. T-Mobile offers unlimited data plan in $95 per month on a single line. And just like Sprint and Boost Mobile they also have a threshold of 23 GB, after that your speed will be dropped down. Along with data service they also offers 2G roaming in 140 countries, as well as unlimited calls in Canada, Mexico and USA. It also offers calls on discount rate to other markets.

T-Mobile offers something special for hot spot lovers. The plan will offer up to 14 GB hot spot data which no other carrier offers. This limit is way more then what Sprint and Boost Mobile has to offer. You can also follow-up your unused 4G data in next month up to 20 GB, and this is something only T-Mobile offers. They also offers unlimited video and music streaming with some applications associated with them.

T-mobile also offers other plans is you don’t need 4G speed in your pocket. The 2 GB, 6 GB, and 10 GB options are available at low price.

  • Plan name: T-Mobile Unlimited Simple Choice.
  • Monthly price: $95.
  • Plan at a glance: Unlimited minutes, texts and high-speed data, plus 14GB mobile hot spot allowance.
  • Why we like it: The plan costs almost double money than others but also offers more hotspot data.

Things to know:

  • You will have to pay $20 activation charge as “SIM Starter Kit” fee for a new connection.
  • Only six lines per account is allowed.
  • T-mobile does not offer data sharing on family plans.
  • The unlimited plan is also available as prepaid with this same price.

How OTHERS compare:

  • AT&T: Unlimited for $100. A DirecTV or U-Verse subscription is required.
  • Sprint: Unlimited for $75.
  • Verizon: 12GB for $100.
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