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Top 10 must have apps of June 2016

As soon as we buy a new phone we tend to download latest apps to enhance the usability of our smart device. Most of the apps in our phones are very generic ones that most of the people have, and sometimes we ignore other useful apps in the process. Therefore we have come up with some of the most useful apps in our day to day use for our valued readers. So here is the list.


  1. Yellow Booster

Yellow Booster

We generally install multiple apps in our devices, some of them are useful and some of them are not. With all these apps phone starts slowing down, and we all face this problem at some point. In this case, a memory cleaner app is a must have. There are actually multiple apps available like this but this app caught our attention with its mind blowing performance.

This app helps you clean up any unwanted cache data weather its browser cache, or cached data of some other app it cleans it all. It also helps the phone to clear excess memory from frozen apps. It really helps you boost up phone’s performance so that you can enjoy lag free functioning of your device.


  • Accelerating apps and cooling CPU according to each type of apps operation.
  • Faster Charging.
  • Cleaning automatically and optionally.
  • White-listing.
  • Listing device information.


  1. WRIO Keyboard

WRIO Keyboard

We all love chatting and texting with our smart devices. But sometimes we hate it when the keyboard freezes or when we accidentally send wrong words in our texts. It can change the whole meaning of the message that we want to send. And we all have faced this problem somewhere in time.

But now no more frozen keyboards and misspelled words. WRIO Keyboard enables you to chat error free. This will also make you type faster with its cool and lag free interface. This keyboard is available in more than 30 languages. And that is not all, you can add so many emotions and express your feelings with its range of 1000 plus emojis. Heavy chatters should definitely try this keyboard.


  • Super-fast and error free typing.
  • Intelligent gestures.
  • Auto correction with personalization.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Express your emotions with emoji.
  • Private and secure.


  1. Noisli


Ever felt distracted or loss of focus while working? Or want to boost your productivity at work. The answer is in your pocket now. Noisli can really help you in these kind of situations. It provides you different music tracks to enhance your focus while you are working. This app can help you even when you want to relax and let go of your problems for a while. Environment make a big difference on your productivity and your mood. And this app can definitely create a soothing environment for your work and relaxation with its music therapy. And from personal experience, I can say it’s a must try app if you are facing such issues.


  • Create and save your combos.
  • Timer with fade out function.
  • Background audio support.


  1. TED


We all want to connect and learn from the remarkable people in the field of our interest. TED is a grate platform to connect with thousands of achievers and their achievement. From Business gurus, Music legends, IT geniuses to Education professionals, this app gives everything you want. You can listen to them whenever you want. You can browse multiple categories and videos of your interest. Moreover, you will not face any language issues no matter on which corner of the earth you belong, because this app also provides subtitles for all their videos and this app is also available in over 90 languages.


  • View entire TED Talk library, with subtitles in over 90 languages.
  • Play on your device or send to your home entertainment system via Chromecast or with Android TV.
  • Discover in-depth playlists with curated by topic.
  • Let us build you a custom playlist – tailored to your time frame.
  • Download talks to watch when you are offline.
  • Listen to an on demand playlist of TED Talks audio.
  • Sort talks by tags, date, and popularity.
  • Share favorite with your friends.
  • Get notifications of new talks.


  1. Garbage Bin Studios

Garbage Bin Studios

Go back in time to live your childhood again with this app. Garbage Bin Studios offers amazing collection of funny comics and gags. With this app in your pocket, your life will never be boring anymore. This app will provide you unlimited funny comics, videos and jokes. And what more amazing is that you can easily share all this funny jokes and videos with all of your friends. So go ahead make them laugh and forget all your worries for the moment with Garbage Bin Studios.


  • Hundreds of funny gags. Updated every day.
  • Unstoppable hilarious videos.
  • Awesome community with comments that would definitely crack you up.
  • Love and Peace.


  1. Help Chat


Stuck somewhere in your daily life? Help Chat might be the solution for all your problems in daily activities. Weather it is about booking cabs, movie tickets, recharging your phone or your DTH, ordering food or finding some nice shopping malls near you, Help Chat will help you with all of your problems with just a click on your screen.


  • DND option. Activate DND with one swipe.
  • Train and flight PNR status. Stay up to date with PNR status of your train and flight.
  • Online deals.
  • Order food.
  • Expert services.
  1. Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage

Want to make collage of your memorable moments? Fuzel Collage provides you an exciting way of doing that. This app gives you an amazing set of temples to create beautiful collages. You can even sprinkle a pinch of fun with its integrated stickers, labels, patterns and frames.


  • Templates
  • Decoration
  • Sharing
  • Challange


  1. Scribd


This is an app for hardcore readers and avid bookworms. Scribd will win your heart with its wide collection of books. You can browse all these books category vise. You can find all the bestsellers, documents to interesting comics, sheet music, and noteworthy audiobooks in selected categories. If you like to spend your time being spellbound by the magical words of your favorite writer or you want to discover something new, then this is going to be your next favorite app.


  • Get 3 books and 1 audio book of your choice every month.
  • Access to all sheet music and documents in our library, plus special selection of books and audio books anytime, free.
  • Discover new favorites with personalized recommendation and editors’ picks.
  • Store titles offline to read anytime, anywhere.
  • Sync across mobile, tablet, and the web.
  • Monthly membership subscription automatically renews until you cancel.


  1. Cameringo+ Effects Camera.

Cameringo+ Effects Camera

Every photo lover wants professional camera experience on their phones. Cameringo+ will give you that professional feel and results with your smart device. It will enhance your smartphone’s camera with professional features. This app also features a simple yet powerful and stylish interface for your photography needs. And moreover cameringo+ comes with many preloaded filters and photo effects that you can practice in real time while clicking your moments. So go on and click some pictures and show off your photography skills with this amazing application.


  • Create little planet photos.
  • Lomography and hipster photography.
  • Video recording with live filters.
  • GIF recorder.


  1. SnipClip


This app is for the video freaks. If you like to watch videos on your pocket screen then this app is for you. With this app you will never miss out any latest video on the internet. This app will keep you updated with all the latest and best videos of your interest. This app will introduce you with a snippet and if you like that and feel interested then you can go ahead and watch full content. This will save your time as you will already know what the video is about with the snippet. You can swipe left and right to navigate through the contents. And that is not all, this app is smart enough to provide you with the content of your preferred categories and based on your liking.


  • Watch full videos if you like the snippet.
  • Selection of categories.
  • Share on social media among all of your friends.



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