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Sony’s Upcoming Xperia Phones Leaked in Images

Rumors has it that Sony is working on two new Xperia units, but everyone thinks that it would look like the same unit since they haven’t change the look for a very long time now.  It won’t be that hard to speculate what we can see in those units since they have been that way for some years now and Sony isn’t making any changes.  There is a high chance that the looks won’t change a bit since that is what it looks like before and Sony isn’t keen on designing their products.   They tend to stay with the old design and that is what they have been doing since the start.

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However, some folks over at GSM Arena claimed that they manage to get their hands on some of the leaked photos of the said device.  Looking at it, we can say that there is no change in the device like we all speculated.   Sony isn’t keen on designing their product and they won’t be changing their designs a bit since it has become their brand for a long time now.   It’s what makes their unit perfect for the market and if you want something to sell then you might want a unique product for people to remember you by.  That is what Sony is doing for the past several years and since it is working on their favor, so they won’t be changing the design that they have been known for.

However, since nothing last forever, it looks like that Sony is changing some parts of their designs to give it a look of the future.  For starters, the sides have more curve than before and the camera layout has been change.  By looking at the photo, you might notice the USB-C and it is located at the bottom of the phone.   Well things are looking fine and the new design seems to give us a look at the future, but most of the parts would always look the same and it seems that Sony is keen in keeping them as it has work wonders on them before.  For sure, some of the long Sony fans out there would still prepare to see some old feature to remain in the new phone.  This phone would let the old and new design meet since some of the old features are still there, but there would be other features that is getting a major change.

If you still prepare to see some of the old feature then you would be thankful to know that headphone jack would remain.  You don’t have to panic and start looking for adapters to use the device.   If you have been thinking about the device for a while now then you would be glad to know that it might be available in the market sooner than you think since the IFA is coming soon and there is a pretty good chance that they might take advantage of the event to reveal their newest Xperia units.  As to the date of the event, you might want to check this blog again to know when it would happen.


Source: GSMArena

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