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Sony Xperia XZ now available around the world – US, UK, Germany, Sweden And Finland

Even though it didn’t got as much attention as it should, the Sony Xperia XZ, one of the most impressive smartphones of the moment, is now available around the world, after initially making its debut in Taiwan.

If you’re planning to get one but can’t find it on your store of choice’s website, you should be aware of the fact that some of them aren’t updated, showing messages like “Pre-order” or “Out of stock”. However, on the manufacturer’s Spanish website, the Xperia XZ is right now available, as revealed by the “Add to cart” option, and a price of 700 euros. It’s far from being cheap, as you can see, but it’s definitely worth investing in it, especially if you’re a Sony fan.

The handset is also available for pre-ordering in the UK, at £550. However, if you act quickly, you can benefit from a special offer and receive a £150 pair of headphones for this price. It’s still unknown if this offer will still be available once the phone goes on sale.

Moving on to Germany, the Sony Xperia XZ is available here for €700, while the headphones retail at €200. It’s also available in Italy, but there’s nothing about the price. Still, the headphones are present!

Next, other countries where you can buy the Sony Xperia XZ from are Poland, where you need to pay PLN 2,990 for the phone and PLN 750 for the headphones, Sweden,where it is available for SEK 6,990, while the headset is priced at SEK 1,550, and finally Finland, a country which keeps the same price as Europe, 700 euros.

Finally, in the United States, the phone isn’t available on Sony’s website, but you can find it on Amazon, with a price tag of $700. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of the headphones here. The Xperia XZ should be available in way more countries in the upcoming weeks.

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