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Sony Xperia XA Successor Latest Images Surfaces

It’s been a month since a first set of renders with the successor of the Sony Xperia XA gave us the chance to see how the Japanese manufacturer’s upcoming flagship could look like and it was about time for more details about this handset to be available.

Even more photos of the render, but this time showing it from different angles, have surfaced online and, considering the resolution, they might have been taken from an unreleased promotional video, so there’s a chance of them being pretty accurate.

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Apparently, Sony removed the wide power-key and, possibly, the fingerprint scanner, since there’s no sign of it. However, the latter is less likely, since even mid-range models have this feature today and it would be a shame for a flagship device, made by a reputed manufacturer, to ditch it. Who knows, maybe it’s somewhere under the display…

Moving on, we can observe the proximity and light sensors, as well as a slit at the bottom of the screen, which could hint the presence of a pair of stereo speakers, a feature which definitely comes in handy for those who play games or consume a lot of media on their smartphone.

As for the specs of Sony Xperia XA’s successor, they’re still a mystery for the moment. Considering that these photos were already leaked, we have all the reasons to think about a possible launch, during Sony’s press event at the Mobile World Congress next month.


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