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Sony Tests Crazy pattern on the second generation (E-Link) of wearable

Sony is back in the market with its second generation of wearable, and it will amaze and interest you to know that it has tested its hands on sleek and stylish designs. Recall that Sony’s first generation of wearable came down with criticism over its major design flaws as the wearable lacked style and contrary to its name, FES (Fashion Entertainment), there was nothing fashionable about it.

In the new lineup of wearable’s offered by the tech company, Sony is set to release its second generation wearable’s into the West as against its earlier version of the first generation of wearable’s to Japan only through a crowd-sourcing campaign.

The second generation of its wearable’s which was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas will feature a paper-thin design which is capable of producing a variety of colors as against the first generation which could only produce the black and white colors.

The design of the second generation of the FES is expected to feature pallet colors limited to blue, brown and gray. However,  the second generation FES will allow its users mix and match available patterns both on the time face and the wristband. It is, however, unknown if Sony will add more colors to the design of the second generation FES devices.

Sony’s improved FES watch is expected to top the previous model’s battery life by boasting of an impressive battery life of at least three weeks. It is also projected to be a waterproof device based on the design of its predecessor

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