Sony Announced DPT-RPT 1 New Digital Paper Tablet With 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support
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Sony Announced DPT-RPT 1 New Digital Paper Tablet With 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support

On its own crowdfunding platform, now Sony has introduced its new digital paper tablet, called the Sony DPT-RP1. Well, it is an upgraded version of the Sony’s earlier DPT-S1 digital paper tablet. Moreover, the new e-paper tablet comes with some improvements in its resolution, memory, and connectivity.  Of course, it has a Bluetooth support and more onboard storage features.

Sony Paper Tablet

The fresh new tablet comes with a 13.3-inch display, which is a bit larger than an A4 paper. And the company has assured that its battery can hold a charge for up to one month. This time, the company has also bumped the screen resolution to 1650 x 2200 pixels for making the smaller texts Furthermore readable, with 16-levels of gray scale.

While talking about the design outlook, now the e-tablet has lesser bezels around, and it approximately weighs 349 gms. Further, this touchscreen device even accepts pen touch inputs.


The heart of the DPT-RP1 is Marvell IAP140 64- quad-core IoT Applications processor, which is paired with 16GB of internal storage that will allow the users to store about 10,000 PDF files. As we said earlier, in terms of connectivity the tablet features a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

What’s more! The company has spent more on the tablet to make it lightweight, adding an improved non-slip panel, which gives the same sense of resistance like writing on a real paper. It is also said that this feature will surely give more chance to use a digital pen.

When compared with its predecessor, the DPT S1 holds the same 13.3-inch display; yet it gives out 1200 x 1600 resolutions, with the same 16-levels of gray scale. Unfortunately, it’s only able to store 2800 PDF files of 1MB size, but it has a microSD card to avail an expanded storage.

Though it supports a Wi-Fi connection, it does not have the Bluetooth feature. In actuality, the charge of the battery can withstand more than three weeks, on a single charge. After analyzing this comparison, it seems that the new model would come with better improvements. Finally, the new DPT-RP1 digital tablet will be shipped around $700 (less expensive than its predecessor price).

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