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Sapphire HTC U Ultra Limited Edition To Be Avaible For Pre-Order In Mid-February

Taiwanese smartphone company, HTC unveiled the U Ultra and the U Play smartphone some weeks ago at the CES 2017 and it did more to wow the audience although some branded the smartphone as for teens. The best part of the U Ultra smartphone is however the news about its Sapphire crystal glass. The good news is that the Sapphire crystal glass edition is a limited version and thus is a premium variant which according to news will be released later in the year.

When HTC taunted that the Sapphire crystal variant will be available later in the year, smartphone enthusiasts thought it would take a while before HTC remembered to launch the limited edition, but as it is, the smartphone company is pushing for the earliest possible release.

The Taiwanese company has on its website indicated its readiness to start accepting pre-orders of the limited edition premium based smartphone model which it named the Sapphire U Ultra . According to the notice on the smartphone company’s website, pre-orders will be accepted as from mid-February and the smartphones will start shipping as from month end or at the beginning of March.

The Smartphone company along with the pre-ordered device will also be including in the box a luxury gift o accompany the limited edition smartphone although what HTC has in mind regarding the gift is yet unknown. Also what is unknown is whether HTC is planning on including the leather case along with a power bank, and a key ring in the package for the re-ordered phones.

The pricing of the Sapphire HTC U Ultra  is also unknown seeing as the U Ultra itself went for TWD 23,900 which is approximate $760 while the high-end 64 GB on board storage memory variant went for TWD 28,900 (approximately $920).

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