Samsung’s Standalone VR (Virtual Reality) Headset To Be Named ‘Odyssey’

Virtual reality is really amazing as you can experience a world that looks close to you, yet in the real world it doesn’t exist. You Can find itself in an another world with the help of a standalone headset; you would experience all of that. Fortunately for us that Samsung decided to produce its own headset that can do that. The said headset would have its own positional tracking, which is a technology mostly found in high-end handsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It means that you don’t need to own a Smartphone just to enjoy the virtual reality world.

While that was confirmed 3 months ago, there is still not enough information about the headset that can help us explore the virtual reality world. All we can do right now is to look for some hints that would reveal more information about it. Looking at the logo, it is clear that the headset would have an “Odyssey” in its name. Samsung has the rights for the brand name Odyssey as they registered it in South Korea.

Odyssey VR

Odyssey VR

A lot of people believe that virtual reality is bad since it could lead to isolation. Whenever you are in the virtual reality, you can talk to the people closes to you and feel warmth about it. Some of the things that we enjoy in the real world like eating, sleeping, or taking a bath can’t be done in the virtual reality. But, virtual reality won’t take all that stuff if you know your limits and that you should know that you need to return to the real world every now and then.

What is a Virtual World?
It is a world generated by a computer, wherein you can interact and explore the environment. Users create their own avatar and they can use it to explore the Virtual World. The avatar is a graphic representation of yourself as you explore the new world around you. In the past, people can only experience virtual reality in games, but that was a long time ago and people were able to go beyond that. Nowadays, some people are using it to communicate with other people to do some business together even if they are in the other side of the world. It is like talking to that guy by your side with no limits beyond you. You don’t need to type some letters as you chat with them because you can talk to them freely.

With the invention of this headset, it is possible to talk to people can talk to other people from other parts of the world like their friend, love ones or family that needs to work on a different country. Some people need to live their country to work to provide for their family and surely they miss their family. They can chat in Facebook or other social sites, but being close to them is what they need to have the strength to go with their work. And they can only experience that in the virtual world.


Source: Phandroid

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