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Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone’s Concept Render

Samsung is pushing the breakpoints of what technology can offer against what many notable personalities have called the saturation point of the smartphone industry.The innovative idea of the smartphone company to produce the first foldable smartphone has proven to be the redefinition of how far the smartphone industry can go regarding concept, design, and specifications.

The innovative idea by Samsung in making a foldable smartphone tops the concept employed by Xiaomi in its Mi Mix smartphone which was released in 2016. The smartphone which featured an incremental and incredible update regarding design, specs and performance is, however, no match for the foldable concept to be introduced by Samsung.
However, the idea of foldable phones as taunted by Samsung is according to reports coming alive as rumors have it that Samsung and LG may be looking to release the concept as a smartphone before the end of 2017.

Earlier rumors suggested that Samsung was planning a tablet-like smartphone whose display is foldable to make a compact smartphone, but the company in the wake of the Note 7 fiasco may have had a second thought on the idea as it has according to report dumped the idea and started on making a smartphone whose screen folds outwards. This means that the smartphone can serve the dual purpose of a smartphone and a 7-inch tablet at will.

The smartphone’s render has however been revealed, and it boasts of pretty concepts. However, the render does not guarantee that it is the final product in view by the smartphone company. It, however, suggests that the smartphone company is planning on a foldable device but the workings of how it will unfold into a 7-inch tablet which is yet unknown.

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The specs that will be packed on the smartphone has however been rumored to be top-notch to match the buzz it has created ahead of its release. However, there have been concerns of possible glitches in design based on its rigid parts.

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