Samsung W2018 Flip Phone’s Live Pictures Leaked With 4.2 inch Full HD Display
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Samsung W2018 Flip Phone’s Live Pictures Leaked With 4.2 inch Full HD Display

Samsung has launched a flip phone last year for China market and it is believed that the company is again willing to launch another similar phone, yet again for China customers only. Earlier, it was said that the model would be called SM-G9298, however, now it is believed that being a W2017 successor, this device would be called as W2018.

Just a day ago, we received few specification leaks of this device but today we have few live picture leaks, which itself explain a lot of things about this device. Seeing the leaked images, one thing is clear that the device gets touch screen display on both the sides (outside as well as inside). At the back, there is camera sensor with LED flash along with a fingerprint scanner, just below the camera sensor.

As per as recent speculations, this outer display of this device would be Samsung’s Always-On Display while the inside one would be regular display. Upon seeing little closely, we can notice that there is a Microsoft Office icon on the home screen, which might come pre-installed in the device. On the left side, there are some control buttons, might be volume rockers or power button.

Coming to the specifications, we believe that this device would feature a 4.2 inch full HD display on both sides along with 12MP of rear side camera. There would also be a 5MP selfie shooter. As of now, it is believed that the phone would be powered by Snapdragon 821AB chipset with 2GB of RAM. Few sources suggest that this device would get wireless charging and fast charging support.


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