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Samsung Showcased All-In-One Desktop PC With 2x 10W Speakers

Following Dell’s showcase of its all-in-one (AIO) desktop system at CES 2017 last week which boasts of an amazing sound quality due to the presence of the 10 in-built speakers fitted into the device, Samsung has unveiled its similar wonder device which places emphasis on sound quality and production.

Samsung, few days after the whopping 10 in-built speaker desktop system was unveiled by Dell showcased its latest product in which it chose to integrate the sound system into the base of the PC ignoring all things thin. With the integration of the sound-bar into the base of PC, the top part comes off as thin as possible while base looked rather chunky.

Samsung’s latest release is packed with a 24-inch Full HD touchscreen display and of course the sound-bar, 2x 10W speakers running on the PC whose processor speed clocked 2.4GHz. Other specs of the new design by Samsung include the 16GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage memory all running on Intel Core i5-7400T processor.

Samsung is yet to release word on the possible pricing of the sound-bar fitted PC and it’s availability in the market. However, Samsung’s rep told CNET that the device may not be available for sale in the market which suggests that it might just be a concept.

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