Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Convertible Laptop Announced At Computex 2017
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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Convertible Laptop Announced At Computex 2017

The Computex 2017, happening in Taipei, is the biggest technology trade-show in Asia. No big tech event is going to be complete, without a contribution from the South Korean giant, Samsung; and the Computex 2017 is no different as well. Certainly, the company has unveiled their latest convertible laptop at the event, the Notebook 9 Pro.

The new laptop is powered by the Windows 10 platform and is truly eye-catchy, with its sleek metal body and 360-degree hinge. Moreover, the device comes bundled with Microsoft Surface Pen, which is well-known for editing documents, taking notes and free-hand drawing, at ease.

Notebook 9 Pro

Well, if haven’t known, the Pen supports 4000 pressure levels, rendering almost a truly pen-and-paper experience. The S Pen is docked into the base of the laptop, which is pretty cool to use, for an added accessory.

The line has been refreshed, after about a year, with this new Notebook 9 Pro, which still carries the fame of the series, the full-HD display. Well, the new device primarily comes in two different variants, based on the size of the display screen. One with 13.3-inch display, featuring 8 GB RAM; while the other one sports 15-inch display, coupling 16 GB RAM and AMD Radeon 450 graphics card.

Moving on to the other specs of this new convertible beauty, we could see both the variants to be powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processor and carries a 256 GB SSD. Besides, we could also see a slew of ports placed around the backlit keyboard, such as a couple of USB 3.0, an USB Type-C, a microSD, and a HDMI ports.

The other interesting things are: The device’s camera supports Microsoft Hello that enables logging-in to the Windows 10 via facial recognition, a secured way to get in; and its brushed metal finish, seems to keep itself void of fingerprint smudges (but not extensively).

On the whole, it seems to be a multi-utility (Creative + Professional) device, with a competent set of specs and vibrant design. However for all that, we don’t have any confirmation towards the availability and pricing details of this new device.

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