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Samsung Gear VR 2016 Hands-On

Along with the introduction of USB-C to Galaxy Note 7, and with this, it was high time for the company to upgrade their Gear VR headset to a version that will incorporate this change. The original version has been very successful, being surpassed only by the Google Cardboard, which was free. Many people believe that these two are some of the best VR headsets available on the market. However, the initial headset was based on a micro USB connector, so the same formula wouldn’t have been compatible for the new USB-C.

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In order to fix this issue, Samsung introduced a micro USB adapter and also an USB-C one for the 2016 Gear VR. Though this is not the official name, it helps in letting you know what we are talking about. This solution is great because you can use both phones for it. Also, the action button has been moved on the upper right area for an easier to use interface.

Though moving the button may not seem like a big deal, Samsung has always been interested in practical change so that people may use their devices easier. Another such change they implemented was the widening of the FOV (which stands for field of view), from 96 to 101 degrees. This transforms the immersion experience and makes it deeper. They achieved this by simply working on the lens design, and here it’s important to remember that this gear was made together with Oculus.

Samsung also chose a darker color for the new design, and not only for aesthetic reasons. If you had a white color inside of the headset, this would have created more glare and more reflection, which would have distracted you from actually using the gear. As such, with a simple tweak, Samsung managed to eliminate yet another possible problem.

Even now, the new Gear VR device keeps its place as being the best mobile VR headset, while you need a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and up, it will be available for more mobiles soon enough. We will be back with the latest information regarding Gear VR availability, stay tuned for more!

Source – Ubergizmo

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