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Samsung Gear S3 Set To Be Announced on August 31

Everybody knows that Samsung will be having their press conference at the IFA 2016 on the first of September and also everybody is expecting the future Gear S3 smartwatch to be announced then. However, the company just announced on Twitter that they will unveil the new device on the last day of August, which is sooner than the fans were expecting.

Rumor has it that there will be three available version for the smartwatch under the names of Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Explorer. As to the design, the device should keep the round shape that the previous model also had, together with the rotary bezel.

The previous watch, Gear S2, was launched in September 2015 at the same IFA show in Germany so as it seems, Samsung wants to release their next device pretty much one year later. It made a good impression, having a user-friendly interface and a interesting spinning bezel. Since the S2 was quite well designed, people can’t stop wondering what the company will bring up next to the S3.

Initially, the S2 was available in only two options, S2 G3 or S2 Classic, but the Korean company later decided to include gold and silver options. Now with the three versions rumored for the S3, the Explorer edition might offer more buttons, a crown and possibly even watch bands that you can change. In January Samsung announced that their smartwatches will also become compatible with iPhone products, but this has not had concrete results until now.

Unexpectedly, smartwatch sales decreased by one-third in 2016, according to several analysts’ reports. Samsung manages to keep their profits on the line or even increase them, while Apple’s sales definitely crashed. As it seems, the Korean company is now trying to raise interest again in their products by releasing the teaser on Twitter. This might be a smart move, since they are planning to make the Gear S3 official in August, just a week before the launches Apple is promising in September.

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