Samsung Gear S3 Classic 4G LTE Smartwatch Announced
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Samsung Gear S3 Classic 4G LTE Smartwatch Announced

Despite what a lot of people are thinking, there are a lot of great smartwatches out there, not just the Apple Watch. For example, take Samsung’s Gear S3 Classic, which is one of the best looking models many can buy right now! It’s stylish, it has some awesome features and it goes great with a lot of outfits!

However, despite all these pluses, it was lacking one thing: cellular data on board. But this is history now, as the South Korean manufacturer announced that fans can now buy a 4G LTE-enabled model, compatible with all carriers.

The main advantage of this updated Samsung Gear S3 Classic is that it’s completely independent from your smartphone, relying on its own connection to get notifications, update weather info or even make or receive calls, directly from your wrist, without the need of using your phone.

The smartwatch will work with some major U.S. carriers, like AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless, using the same number you have on your phone. This means that your calls and texts will be automatically transferred to your smartphone as well.

Considering that the smartwatch is now 4G LTE enables, it also received a software update. We’re talking about a quick gesture for accepting or rejecting calls: just turn the rotating bezel and you’re all done.

Currently, the Samsung Gear S3 classic is available for $350, same as the sporty Gear S3 frontier. However, the latter was already available with 4G LTE, for $400, so, most likely, this will also be the price for the updated Classic version.


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