Samsung Gear 360 Camera Official Release Date In The US On 19th August

Apparently, Samsung is still very much into developing hardware for VR experiences as the latest news on the subject mention that the Samsung Gear 360 camera will become available in the US on the 19th of august. This is also the date when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 becomes available for purchase in stores.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera is already available in Korea and Singapore but it’s not available anywhere else in the world and it is priced at $349 which is a pretty reasonable price when compared to other 360 degree cameras on the market.

What this camera does is that it takes 360 degree video footage (hence the ‘360’ in the name) which can easily be edited on a Samsung smartphone. However, you can’t just use any Samsung smartphone for that – it has to be a Galaxy S6 or a later generation device.

Samsung Gear 360

Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have any internal storage space, so if you’re planning on buying one, you should also buy a microSD card for that necessary storage space. But the microSD card doesn’t go into the camera; it goes into the Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Note that will be connected to the camera. So this means that you can’t use the camera without a Samsung smartphone.

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far. The Samsung’s Gear 360 camera is a 360 degree shooting camera that only works when combined with a latest gen Samsung smartphone so using it implies that you’ll have to buy one of those Galaxy devices if you don’t already have it. The smartphone is also the device that will enable you to edit any recorded video so again, you really can’t do without it.

Furthermore, the purpose of this whole thing is to watch a homemade VR video and that also requires you and anybody else that watches it, to own a VR headset, ideally also from Samsung. This last part is actually pretty cheap because the Samsung Gear VR headsets are being sold at heavily discounted prices right now, supposedly because stores have to make room for the next gen of Samsung Gear VR headsets.

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