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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Will Be Announced On September 1

Samsung may be working on a successor on last year’s Galaxy Tab S2, claimed Russian leakster Eldar Murtazin but stopped short of providing any proof of his claims or the likely specs of the upcoming device. He did mention the Galaxy Tab S3 will be announced on Sept 1 itself.

The forecast does hold a lot of water considering Murtazin’s record of being quite consistent with his Samsung related predictions.

The Galaxy Tab S2 launched last year has been a pretty solid offering with a nice build quality and optimized software operations. It continues to be just as impressive though being already more than a year old, a replacement, in any case, couldn’t have been too far off.

The projected date could also be true after all considering that Samsung is already slated to launch its next big offering, the Note 7 on Aug 2. Hence, it won’t have any credible device to show off at the IFA 2016 event, save for the rumored Tab 3 device. The Tab 2 was also released last year during September.

That is not all as Apple too is slated to launch new iPad iterations this fall, hence a launch of the Tab S3 during the same time does make sense after all.

As for its likely specs, word on the street is that it might pack in an Octa core processor aided by a 3 GB RAM. Further, there could be two storage options32 and 64 GB.

As for the software, it’s unlikely the tablet will be running the latest Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box. Instead, it could be still seeing running Android Marshmallow during launch while getting the Nougat update a few months down the line.

Meanwhile, it was only last month the Samsung has rolled out the Marshmallow update for its tab S2, which again has led many to believe if the Nougat update would be coming their way anytime soon.

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