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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 spotted on Zauba

The first quarter of 2017 should bring us another high-end tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S3. Even though the manufacturer hasn’t given any details about this yet, the device was already spotted on Zauba, India’s import and export tracking website.

Of course, there’s nothing about the specs over there, but it does mention the a price tag of INR 34,138, which is about $505. Still, remember that the information coming from this website isn’t always correct, so don’t take this price as granted.

Galaxy Tab S3

A few months ago, Samsung claimed that they were planning to launch the Galaxy Tab S3 somewhere in September, as they even confirmed the launch time-frame. However, it’s already November and there’s no sign of the tablet.

Most likely, the launch event was supposed to be a big one, considering the fact that the Tab S3 would’ve been the manufacturer’ high-end tablet, but with all the issues they had with the Galaxy Note 7, postponing the launch seemed a better idea.

According to some rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 could feature an innovative processor, as well as a 9.7″ display. Also, it will be available in two models, one with Wi-Fi and one with LTE connectivity.

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