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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Tough Competitor For Apple’s iPhone 7 (Upcoming)

Many users were expecting a dual camera setup in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but that didn’t come true. But don’t get disappointed because Samsung might surprise you in the next phone of the Galaxy S series. You have to wait till the technical specifications are announced officially during 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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The Dual camera lens module is going to be designed by Samsung Motors Semco according to a Chinese source. There are also rumors about the Apple iPhone 7 Pro  to be launched with a dual camera setup and it is very much possible that Samsung is busy engineering a dual camera lens for the new Galaxy S8 to compete with Apple’s upcoming flagship. They also will develop necessary software to support this setup so that the end user can fully utilize the capture capability of the upcoming dual camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8


The upcoming Galaxy S8 is also rumored to be launched with a spot 4K display screen. The possible reason for taking this decision is may be because the users are now immersing in VR content on smart devices. If they choose to implement a 4K display it will also consume much battery power, therefore, Samsung will have to tackle one of the biggest issues in the smartphone world which is battery power.

In this advanced age of smartphone devices, where you have an enormous amount of processing power in your hands, a mobile device is dubbed as a fantastic performer if it is able to provide a battery life that lasts more than a day. Despite all of the incorporation of the superb display quality provided by a Super AMOLED displays and a batter battery life in the s7 device, we still have some doubts about how well the battery performance will be of the upcoming Galaxy S8 device.

Till now no other hardware details are known of the 2017 flagship device from Samsung. They did not even announced if they are working with a new SoC, but we can say that it might be the Snapdragon 820 who will be providing the processing power to the upcoming S8 device. This new mobile chipset will be processing on a 10nm FinFET architecture, therefore, we are very much excited with the performance it will deliver because we have already seen the capability of the current Snapdragon 820 processor.

This device will surely be going to cost you some handsome amount of money as 4K displays are not cheap, therefore, this upcoming device will surely going to cost you then the S7 device, and in the regions where users do not have the option to buy a smartphone on monthly payment, it can be a price issue. From what we can see it looks like Samsung is aiming to drive virtual reality growth to its limit. Therefore, we need to be patient to see what other features Samsung will bring in this new smartphone device. So all the Samsung fans stay tuned for more updates about the dual camera feature and other news about this curved edge device. And do let us know your thoughts about this upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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  • Divyesh Mistry

    I don’t think GS 8 Will conquer apple’s product but i will wait for Samsung next flagship.

  • Ruturaj Barevadiya

    I don’t defend i phone but there is also i phone can do that samsung galaxy can’t.
    Don’t compare those 2.because they have a different idea and different OS.Choose where you are comfortable.

  • viraj

    Its hard to compare the performance factor as both phone runs different OS yet feature vise I don’t see a thing that iPhone can do and this android cannot. In fact if you really compare these two android is much more expandable then iOS and it does provide batter and more functionality. So re think what a phone can do 😛