Samsung Galaxy S8 Spotted running on Windows 10 OS
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Spotted running on Windows 10 OS

Samsung phones are very well-known for exploiting the Android OS, in their smartphones, winning the hearts of millions of fans in the world. But wait. Have you ever thought of a Samsung smartphone powered by Windows OS? That too, the latest supremo, Galaxy S8 running the Microsoft OS, Windows 10? Well, that has happened now, as shown in a few recently leaked images.

Keeping aside the believably of this thing happening, we can very well rejoice the whole new concept that is scratching too much of anticipation, from the crowd. Yes, the newly leaked images cover the bezel-less beauty in hand, with its screen showing various screens of what it looks like Windows 10, with various Microsoft apps like Cortana, Skype, Office, etc.

To be precise, there are totally three images: First one showing the S8, Live Tiles menu of the said OS. The second one, shows the Settings screen; and the third one shows the Windows Store. Moreover, with the revealed Windows 10 UI here, it seems that the device is running the latest Creator Update build of it.

However, we couldn’t move on without discussing the credibility of the images. Firstly, the images are of utterly poor-quality, to consider it to be legitimate. In today’s times, rendering screenshots of a Windows 10 phone, to an Android phone’s screen, isn’t a big deal. But in spite, the on screen buttons of the phone shown here, appears to be more Windows’.

Though the phone is powered by Snapdragon 835, which is potentially much capable of running Windows 10, there have been no reports or rumors lately, stating anything about a pact or even a discussion between the two giants, Samsung and Microsoft.

Then again, a thing to be noted here is, it has been about two years, since a phone emerged from the Microsoft’s castle. We have been waiting to hear either about a new phone to the Lumia line or the highly anticipated Surface Phone, from them. But, the company haven’t spilled a word about it, for so long. Will it be, due to their plans with the smartphone company?

As of now, the HP Elite X3 is the only high-end phone, running the Windows OS. Though the craze for this OS in smartphones, seems to have been depleted, there are some fanboys left out, still. Therefore, this new allegation, is definitely a great news for the few remaining ones.

Stay connected with us, we will let you know all further proceeding from Samsung and Microsoft in future (if any)!


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