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Samsung Galaxy S8 renders reveal a dual curved display and no physical home button

As February is getting closer, we’re expecting more and more details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, a smartphone which should make everybody forget about the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and reinforce people’s trust in Samsung as a brand.

After months of speculation and rumors about the way this high-end model will look, it seems that a first image, presumably with the actual handset, was spotted on Chinese social network Weibo and it basically confirms two aspects which have been intensely discussed lately.

It seems that the Galaxy S8 won’t have any bezels and feature a display with curved edges, similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. Also, the South Korean manufacturer will ditch the home button, since there’s no sign of it in the leaked image. Hopefully, this will be the only thing they’ll ditch and keep the 3.5mm jack, unlike others. We’re looking at you, Apple and HTC!

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this image is genuine and the handset is indeed the Galaxy S8. And we have our reasons to believe that this is just a Photo-shopped image, made in order to create some buzz.

After a closer look, a trained eye can see that it resembles the Galaxy S7 way too much, following the same lines. We doubt that Samsung made just a few changes from this point of view, but we can also be wrong.

Moving on, the phone in the leaked image doesn’t seem to have any on-screen navigation buttons, which were the subject of a few rumors. To be more specific, the Galaxy S8 is expected to have two capacitive buttons, for app switcher and back, placed on a tiny bottom bezel, completely customizable.

For the moment, this is everything we have on this topic, but we will be back with more details as soon as anything new comes up!

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