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Samsung Galaxy S8 First 3D Renders Leaked Online

The rumor mill is working intensely when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8, since it’s one of the most expected smartphones of the year and we’re always after new details about the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship! Apparently, today is a very important day, since the first set of 3D renders of the handset was spotted online and we finally know what to expect from it, at least in terms of design.

The images were revealed by an anonymous case makes, and they show a phone which has taken the “edge” design one step further as the curves or the display are much more obvious, while the bezels are almost invisible.

Of course, there’s another important element that’s missing: the home key. There have been a lot of rumors about Samsung ditching it and we now finally have the confirmation! However, it’s still there, somehow, since the Galaxy S8 will have on-screen buttons. As for the fingerprint reader the button was housing, it’s now right under the glass.

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Moving on, we can observe speaker grills both above and below the screen, meaning that the phone will have a stereo speaker setup. And speaking about audio setups, we were very relieved to see that the 3.5mm jack is still there. On the other side, we’re not sure about the USB port. Most likely, it will be a Type-C one, just like on the Note 7 or the latest Galaxy A 2017 models.

And finally, the camera. Samsung is still using a single-sensor setup for the Galaxy S8, despite multiple rumors claiming that they were planning to join the dual-camera club. Still, let’s not forget about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, a model which could make its debut alongside the regular S8 and sport a duel-camera setup!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was initially believed to launch with just one day before MWC 2017, during a special event, but lately, reports are pointing to April 18. Our recommendation is to avoid taking this date for granted, at least until more information, from reliable sources, will make the rounds online.

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