Samsung Galaxy S8’s More colors revealed by Evan Blass (Black,Grey and Gold)
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Samsung Galaxy S8’s More colors revealed by Evan Blass (Black,Grey and Gold)

If you were thinking that there’s nothing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 that can surprise you, you were wrong, as the latest set of leaked images shows the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship in three new colors!

Thanks to Twitter-based tipster Evan Blass, we got the chance to see the S8 in Gold, as well as Orchid Gray and Black Sky, the latter looking surprisingly good and being our favorite until now. However, to our surprise, there’s no sign of the Arctic Silver version, which was also rumored to be in the manufacturer’s portfolio, but hey, there’s still some time left until the launch!

As a previous leak confirmed, despite the numerous options the Galaxy S8 will offer in terms of colors, all of the front-facing bezels on the handsets will be black. But this isn’t just a design thing, since it helps concealing the multitude of sensors from the front of the device. Even more, it also helps maintaining the manufacturing costs down as well.

Otherwise, the leaked images posted by Evan Blass reveal the same bezel-less display we all know about, with rounded corners, as well as the curved display, present on both the Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as on the S8+.

On the back of the phone, we can spot the camera setup, alongside the dual LED flash and the fingerprint scanner, which was now moved, since the phone doesn’t come with a physical home button, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge did.


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