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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus measurement shows slimness and bigger screen compared to the Galaxy S7

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s release, teaser images keeps making the device more interesting as the 3D render of the smartphone has been released.

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone I’d definitely a beauty to Behold as the precise measurements of the smartphones, the S8 and S8 Plus has been released.
Recall that Samsung was reported to be adopting the curved edge display on all variants of the Galaxy S8, well it appears to be so as the larger S8 Plus according to the 3D render measured 152.38 x 78.51 x 7.94 mm which means the device is taller and wider compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The screen on the S8 Plus does justice to the size as it boasts an impressively big screen measure at 6.3 inches when vied head in and will apparently be larger but for the curved screen.

The smaller variant of the device, the Galaxy S8, however is measured at 140.14mm x 72.20 x 7.30mm which places it below the Galaxy S7 in terms of height.

The Galaxy S8 however makes up for the size shortage in its slimness and bigger screen compared to the Galaxy S7.

Samsung on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus design however did so much to minimize bezels in order to accommodate for larger screen and of course a thinner design which gives the expected smartphone a sleek and stylish look.

The 3D render however gives little off in terms of the possible camera mounted on the device as well as the battery and it’s capacity but the schematics shoe that the smartphone will sport a microUSB 2.0 which means Samsung decided to dump the USB Type-C design in the making of this smartphone.



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