Samsung Officially Reintroduces the Note 7 As Galaxy Note Fan Edition in Korea
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Samsung Officially Reintroduces the Note 7 As Galaxy Note Fan Edition in Korea

Samsung has officially reintroduced the Note 7 with the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition, in Korea. The original Note 7 hit the market back in 2016 and was snared with the massively unfortunate explosion issues. Now, in a great level we hope that this new device will go further to redress the situation, than the original Note 7.

Correspondingly, the new device is provided with some key changes in it and otherwise it looks identical to the original Note 7. It packs a smaller 3200 mAh battery, while the original Note 7 came with 3500 mAh battery, which primarily induced the issue.


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It’s needless to say that the company was extensively concerned about the battery after that. It was evinced by their rigorous 8-point battery safety testing, they rendered with the recently launched Galaxy S8 duo. Accordingly, the battery that is offered for this newly launched device, has also underwent the same evaluation.

Moreover, the new comer also features the latest OS and Bixby, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Other than these changes, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is pretty much the same old Note 7, with the same design outlook, and the signature ‘S Pen’ support; unless for the fact that it is a refurbished one, developed from the unused parts of the Note 7.

The relaunch comes in Blue Coral, Silver Titanium, Black Onyx and Gold Platinum hues, and is priced at 699,600 Won ($611). The company has also planned to provide a cover case for free, along with its purchase. What’s more, Samsung plans seems to have 400,000 units of this new device, to sell in Korea, while its availability in other markets, is yet to be disclosed.


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