Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launching and Pricing Details
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launching and Pricing Details

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now official, but still many of us have several queries regarding its availability, pricing, and freebies. Well, here we have dug up a bit and collected all the information for you. Let me start by saying that you can pre-order the device from midnight (from August 25 for Australia) but the sale will start from September 15. Now, if you are ready to wait, then you must ready to lose some freebies.

Galaxy Note 8

Well, as we have discussed earlier that those customers who pre-order the device will get some freebies, depending on what region they live in. Now, the list of freebies includes Samsung DeX docking station, Gear 360 camera, 128GB microSD, fast wireless charger. As of now, it seems that the device may take some more days to reach Asian boundaries, but if you live in US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia then you can surely pre-order it.

Another major thing which everyone should know before pre-ordering the device is, as of now it is available in few color variants, depending on your region like if you live in the US, you can pre-order either Orchid Gray or Midnight Black variant. Few other color variants, which are available in only selected regions, such as Maple Gold, Deepsea Blue.

Now, coming to the most important part, pricing, which is different in different regions, like if you pre-order the device from the US, you have to pay $930, but if your region is the UK, then you have to pay £869. Similarly, for Europe region, the price changes to €999, for Canada region, the price becomes CA$1,300 and for the Australian customers, the price goes to AU$1,500.


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