Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Render Looks Dazzling, Designed By DBS
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Render Looks Dazzling, Designed By DBS

As of now, so many people around the world have bought the latest Galaxy S8. Needless to say, Galaxy S8 is an outstanding device featuring the infinite display. With their curved display and the minimal bezels, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the best ever launch in its history.

Therefore, it is very obvious that the expectations to know, what the company has for the Galaxy Note 8, have skyrocketed. In that note, recently we got to see, stunning concept renders of the device. Graphic designer Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully, in collaboration with the YouTube channel DBS designing, have given a fresh new look to the Galaxy Note 8.

Here, we could clearly see that the design aspects are heavily inspired from the looks of Galaxy S8. However, it has taken the smartphone’s design to the next level in a way that, if it is going to be the one to happen, it will certainly have all the S8 buyers, envied.

The said concept renders, manifests the Galaxy Note 8, featuring a flatter screen and dual rear camera setup at the rear. Though the curved displays are in vogue lately, it looks quite amazing. Moreover, a dual rear camera was expected in the S8 itself, but unfortunately the feature was dropped. Therefore, the dual camera is too good to be true, with the Note 8.

Since we are expecting Samsung, to put-in a fingerprint scanner below the device’s display screen, it is really surprising to find a small button-like area below the rear camera, in the renders. However, it is doubtful whether it could be the fingerprint sensor.

Assuming it to be the sensor, the graphic designer has just changed the placement of the fingerprint sensor from being placed beside the rear camera to below it.

If you are interested in seeing some more of the renders of the Galaxy Note 8, just visit the DBS Designing’s latest video, at their YouTube channel. The concept renders looks very pretty, but it might look wildly different from the actual one, which we will come to know after the official launch. Hence, we will have to wait, until an official image is given by Samsung.

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