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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers Leaked: Download Here

As predicted in the previous report, we’re seeing new information about the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as we get closer to August 2nd. The Unpacked 2016 will be an exciting event nonetheless, considering some of the specifications and pictures of the Note 7 we’ve had so far.

A recent leak, a predictable one we must add, now reveals a series of Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers. There are two groups of wallpapers that you can download Here – Link , each with its own style and colors.

The first group consists of abstract, material design-themed wallpapers. There are a total of 5 wallpapers to choose from. All of them are sleek, especially the one that shows a combination of blue and yellow hues. The geometrical patterns are nothing new as they have been Samsung’s signature styles for a couple of years.

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The second group, on the other hand, is more about the S-Pen. The wallpapers show the tip of Samsung’s own S-Pen in different colors; 4 in total. The colors are actually quite interesting, because they (may) correlate with the colors of the Galaxy Note 7. Gold, Black Onyx, Silver Titanium and of course Blue Coral are there.

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A (Possible) 3,500mAh Battery

Another news surrounding the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 reveals its (possible) battery size: 3,500mAh. Previous reports have stated that Samsung may be including a larger battery, around 4,000mAh or even slightly more. The latest report suggests that 3,500mAh may be more accurate.

Regardless of the battery size, Note 7 will be a superb daily driver for most users. The phone charges in around an hour thanks to Quick Charge 3.0. The Exynos version, available in Asia and some parts of Europe, will also use the same quick charging technology.

This means whenever you need to charge your Phone’s battery, you can just do so and have more than 60% of battery capacity in no time at all. Quick Charge 3.0 is also far more efficient and will shift the generated heat to the charger instead of the phone, which prolongs the phone’s battery life even more.

The only thing missing from these reports is the price. We have yet to see the price of the new phone revealed just yet. Some sources suggest that the Note 7 will be even more affordable than last year’s Note 5. This is a strategy Samsung may take after their latest earnings report showed a decline in revenue.

Excited yet? There are a lot of great things about the Galaxy Note 7 that we can expect. We at ObeyGeek will be reporting more all the way to the Unpacked 2016 event on August 2nd. Stay tuned!

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