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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen And Air Command Facility Revealed

Now days the most awaited phone is Samsung galaxy note 7. The most surprising feature in that phone is obviously its iris scanner but we cannot forget the s-pen in the note series of Samsung. The s-pen is obviously most interesting hardware providing for the smartphone from any company.

For Galaxy note 7, Samsung has redesigned the s-pen. Samsung has nothing to change with the Style, It is with the same design with the clickable button as note 5 with the drawing board. There are no more added features in this s-pen, one of those features allows users to translate words from one language to another quickly.

It also provides facility of air command. The air command automatically launches when the s-pen is taken out of the phone. Air command includes features like, saving a memo. iGyaan has come to know that air command menu includes dictionary and speaking shortcuts.

Samsung users are waiting so eagerly to know about this phone and its features. So stay tuned with us I will be back with more features about this phone.

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