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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumored To Release in Europe Next Month

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be launched only a few days from now, at the Samsung Unpacked event which will take place on the 2nd of August. There have been many leaks and speculations about this device and we now have a pretty good picture of what to expect when it does come out.

The only thing tech bloggers haven’t really speculated on is when people will be able to buy it. Of course, this does depend on where you live and while in some countries the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available on its launching day, in others it may take a while until the Note will actually be accessible.

There is one report saying that the country that will start selling the device as soon as it’s launched is South Korea. As for other parts, like countries in Europe, it’s believed that the phablet could be accessible starting with the 16th of August. This last rumor refers primarily to the Netherlands but it could easily mean that it will become available in other European countries that same day.

It’s also rumored that the device will only be available in black and silver colors, and that the blue and gold will follow soon after. Furthermore, it’s believed to cost about 849 euro.

Because of the the many leaked images and info so far we know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have curved edges and sport a 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED display, 4 GB of RAM and a 3.500 mAh battery. In terms of cameras it will feature a 5MP front one for selfies and a 12 MP Dual Pixel one on the back. We also know that it will be powered by an Exynos 8893 chipset or perhaps by a Snapdragon 821 processor.

Being so close, we can almost taste the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and for that matter we will not be surprised that many other rumors and information will appear over the web in the next few days, we will update our articles and link everything together for a easier discovery of everything you need to know.

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